Here's a small sampling of some of our work over the years


playworks (michigan, illinois, colorado, california)

Alvarez Consulting partnered with Playwork, a national nonprofit that states: "We believe in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid," to deliver their annual personal influence training, designed to help youth development professionals recognize how their own views of and experiences with power, privilege and oppression might impact their ability to work with urban youth. 


ace academy project (dearborn, michigan)

Working in collaboration with staff at alternative middle school, Alvarez Consulting created an adventure based, social-emotional learning program to help at risk youth to succeed in schools. A primary component of this project was training and consulting with teachers and mental health staff in the experiential, adventure approach.


World child cancer, usa (denver, colorado)

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university liggett school (michigan)

Alvarez Consulting designed a two-part training for the leaders of the incoming freshman class. Critical for this work was creating the right frame of social justice, while also focusing on building community and leadership. The team also looked at what it means to be part of a larger community/neighborhood.

generation with promise (detroit, michigan)

Staff at this agency are hired by Henry Ford Health System to engage in dialogues with upper elementary and early middle school students in Detroit around health and wellness topics. Part of the program is to enhance students' knowledge about healthy eating and exercise. Once a year, the agency hosts a large youth summit with kids from all over Michigan. Alvarez Consulting was invited to train staff on creating and planning retreat, and also to help facilitate the retreat in partnership with the Surgeon General of Michigan. Desired outcomes of retreat included: Creating connections between students from all over Michigan and training staff and teachers. 

kaohshiung, taiwan

Alvarez Consulting conducted a 3-day training with clinical social workers and community agents in effective experiential facilitation. The program specifically targeted professionals working with substance using and abusing youth. 

asia association for experiential education (taipei)

Alvarez Consulting was invited to conduct training with mental health professionals in use of experiential education. The team offered consulting around program development, specifically about helping people develop groups and curriculum for camps and extended youth programming.